The Art & Education of SHUGA!

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Considering the element of impatience  associated with suspense, I don’t do too well with most TV Series/Soaps and don’t bother starting if I won’t finish it. However I found myself hooked to the MTV Shuga Naija TV series on YouTube after watching the first one and looking forward to episode after episode. The quality and the creative presentation is totally on point. Like a breathe of fresh air, I see a line up of vibrant actors that are well cast for their roles in a Nigerian TV production. They all fit their roles so perfectly like a round peg in a round hole  PLUS the acting is on point, and the message is as clear as water.  Great cast. The acting is so natural, real and believable with the use of everyday lingo/slangs and even some incorporation of Nigerian languages and dialects (with subtitles). Shuga is beautiful Art in film format (kudos to the team), and surely a powerful educational media tool.

MTV Base and MTV Staying Alive Foundation joined forces with the Nigerian government’s National Agency for the Control of AIDS and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to combat a lack of awareness and misinformation about HIV, sexual responsibility and teen pregnancy among Nigerian youth, using this Shuga TV Drama series. It debuted on TV on World AIDs Day, December 1, 2013.

Shuga, MTV’s award winning TV series and multimedia campaign, is part of a powerful 360-degree mass media campaign designed to raise awareness about sexual health, HIV prevention and teen pregnancy in Nigeria relayed with fun, exciting, educative, vibrant and exciting story lines.

Directed by Biyi Bandele and Written by Kemi Adesoye, Tunde Aladese, Omotunde Akiode, Ayoade Adeyanju, Victor Sanchez and
Biyi Bandele. Shuga features quite a number of stars including Maria Okanrende, Tiwa Savage, Okezie Morro, Chris Attoh, Ikubese Emmanuel Ifeanyi, Nick Mutuma, Dorcas Shola Fapson, Leonora Okine et al

Director Biyi Bandele
Director Biyi Bandele
Biyi Bandele and Kemi Adesoye
Biyi Bandele and Kemi Adesoye. All photos in this article are from MTV Shuga FB Page and Google

The week is ending, kick off your shoes, relax your feet, take a break and watch the episodes 1-7 below. Counting the seconds to Episode 8.

For more info on MTV Shuga, see









Subscribe to MTV Shuga Naija’s Youtube Channel here to be updated. Season Finale is just 3 days away!


And here is Episode 8 of Shuga Naija which rounds up Season 3 of MTV Shuga

Health is Wealth.

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