@yinksdesigns – Yinka Ilori Features at Africa Calling (Shake The Dust) Exhibition

Yinka Ilori is a London based up-cycled furniture designer who uses traditional Nigerian parables to tell stories through vintage furniture. It’s exciting to know that he will be a featuring designer at ‘Africa Calling’ curated by Kathy Shenoy (Shake the Dust) taking place in September as part of Africa Utopia 2014.

Africa Calling launches this September at Southbank Centre’s Africa Utopia festival (12th-14th Sept) with a showcase in the main foyer of the Royal Festival Hall alongside workshops and a pop-up shop. The showcase then tours to Design Junction for London Design Festival (18th-21st Sept) with a debate session and more interactive activities with our designers. The AC showcase is curated by Kathy Shenoy (Shake the Dust) & Liezel Strauss (Subject Matter Art), and highlights the work of new and established designers from Africa and the Diaspora, who are challenging ‘Africa Aesthetics’ and exploring new collaborations and cross-cultural connections.  This year’s exhibition will focus on designers, artists & collaborations from the southern tip & the UK including Heath Nash (South Africa,) Clinton Friedman (South Africa) and  2 specially commissioned collaborations between Yinka Ilori (UK) & Laduma Ngxokolo (South Africa) and Shake the Dust & Gone Rural (UK/Swaziland.)

Yinka Ilori Workshop

Africa Calling presents to the UK, the best of contemporary African design; from interiors to fashion accessories, opening up markets for creative goods from the continent and enhancing people’s understanding of a contemporary creative Africa.

Yinka Ilori will collaborate with South African textile designer Laduma Ngxokolo on an exclusive new collection for Africa Calling.


He holds a BA (hons) degree in furniture and product design from London Metropolitan University and has since specialised in up-cycling vintage furniture inspired by traditional Nigerian parables and African fabrics that he grew up with as a child. Each piece of furniture he up-cycles tells a meaningful, yet humorous story which can be shared with people throughout the world.

Yinka Ilori

His design approach starts with the dismantling of the original components, which he then re- assembles into a new piece ready for use again. Deeply aware and passionately against the unnecessary waste of modern consumer societies in the western. Yinka Ilori also happily accepts unwanted or damaged furniture from private individuals, so that he can save, rehabilitate, and beautify them for future use, giving them a hint of Yinka Ilori’s signature Nigerian parables.

Yinka Ilori


Connect  with Yinka Ilori on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/yinksdesigns | E: hello@yinkailori.com | Twitter :@yinksdesigns http://www.yinkailori.com

Beautifully Dreaming.. Positively Doing..




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