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@BinoandFino are here again! DVD 2 is coming out soon!

I initially came across and fell in love with these cute and warm African children cartoon characters about 3 or 4 years ago. I call them my little friends 🙂 – They are Bino and Fino. Bino and Fino is a cartoon series about a brother and sister who live with their grandparents ‘Mama’ and ‘Papa’ in a modern day city in Africa. In each episode of DVD 1, Bino and Fino, with the help of their friend Zeena the Magic Butterfly and their family, discover and learn things about the world.

It was a fresh welcome to childrens’ entertainment & media (and thankfully also culturally educative and informative) for everyone, both at home on the continent and especially in the diaspora for parents who want their children to be culturally aware and knowledgeable about their roots – Africa . I didn’t hesitate to get my sons the first DVD copy when it was we released. We just had to, hitting replay multiple times on the youtube video clips that were made available online wasn’t cutting it. It was that goooood!! 🙂

Here’s one

Directed By Adamu Waziri –  Bino and Fino was created in answer to an industry demand for more ethnically diverse children’s entertainment. Especially for viewers from a Black African heritage globally, whether residing on the African continent or in Diaspora.

Adamu Waziri

Importantly, it is an inclusive series for all children of Kindergarten and preschool age from around the world, from Africa, Latin America through to Europe, Asia and America. It is fun and educational. Bino and Fino will help to teach children about counting, colours, animals and will also help teach children major African languages.

And now to the great news! FINALLY! The Bino and Fino trailer for DVD 2 is coming out. New episodes of the cartoon will include aspects of African history – African culture – science – Math – Technology – African Geography – Nature – and more. Sign up  on the Bino and Fino email list to find out when you can get your hands on the new DVD.

View Trailer

Connect with Bino and Fino on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/binoandfino and Follow on Twitter at https://twitter.com/BinoandFino.  Website is www.binoandfino.com

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Here Comes The African Emojis :-)

Talk about diversity  in the digital world as a company called OjuAfrica launches Afro Emoticons aka Emojis of the negroid race 🙂 OjuAfrica is a division of an African mobile manufacturer called Mi-Fone. Mi-Fone is said to be the FIRST AFRICAN Mobile Devices Brand, and has been reinventing the mobile market in Africa since 2008. They believe that it is a necessity, and not a privilege that the people of the African continent have access to education and technology thus the tag line of the company goes:

“Together we can create Aspiration…Within Reach.”


More on MiFone at http://www.mi-fone.mobi/

Emoji; is the Japanese term for the ideograms or smileys used mostly in Japanese electronic messages and webpages. These small images are starting to appear more and more outside Japan. Originally meaning pictograph, the word emoji literally means “picture” + “letter”. .Wiki

It started off with this  conversation  : What Does Apple Think About The Lack Of Diversity In Emojis? 

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An article by MTV journalist Joey Parker, who flagged the fact that there are no (or barely any) non-white emojis in the basic range within most text-message apps used by Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Parker contacted Apple’s CEO Tim Cook about the issue and, remarkably, received a reply. It wasn’t from Cook himself but from Katie Cotton, VP of worldwide corporate communications for Apple.- arstechnica.com/

Now we are here. I guess this idea is simile to the evolving case of barbie dolls and little brown girls. Human beings with more melanin will be able to also relate to these smileys and feel more “at home” using them in chat spaces? Feel free to leave a comment, when  you see the original smileys, do you see race?

Take a look at the first set  of the Afro Emoticons by #OJUAfrica  (OJU means “Face” in Yoruba, Nigeria, West Africa). The new black emojis have been designed for Android, but they will also be released on iOS. Search ‘Oju Emoticon App’ on Google Play. What do you think? 😀

Creative director Eserick Fouché says, “We follow global trends but we are differentiated by our authentic African voice. So as a brand we wanted to do something that only Africa could pull off, something that could become so iconic that it would have the world talking. I believe what we have created will ensure that every African on the planet won’t be able to help but love it!” –  wired.co.uk interview

oju logo.jpg

Winking backachtya LOL 😀

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