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A Fashionably Sockless Giveaway

Have you ever wondered, like me, how the feet of guys in native African wear or contemporary dapper/hip getup who appear not to wear socks; survive all the sweat, stink and perspiration without socks?.  Well, it has been brought to my attention that they might  just  be wearing Mocsocs.  You’ve seen one? or want one? Read on.

According to the website:

Mocsocs are the finest quality “half socks” or “antislip socks” that are geared towards the refined gentleman or lady that chooses to wear fine quality loafers, drivers, moccasins, boat shoes, saddle shoes, and even in recent fashion, tennis shoes and oxfords without socks. Mocsocs are socks that cover just the front half of the gentleman’s (or lady’s) foot providing comfort and protection, in a fashionable way.  – Mocsocs

Mocsocs are the best no-show socks brand in the fashion market that place a big emphasis on comfort and style. Specially designed to address the issue of perspiration while considering a no-socks look, value, style and function, these premium half socks and anti-slip socks come in 80% polyester/20% spandex and 100% cotton alternatives. Mocsocs are already a hit with celebrities and fashion trendsetters.

It looks interesting but I guess it does the job, the sockless, stylish look while avoiding the stink 🙂 . They are doing a Spring Giveaway for the week so if you wanna jump on it and sample it, just like/follow their social media and share the graphic on their facebook page or repost on instagram or retweet on twitter the  Mocsocs giveaway graphic  and hashtag #MocSocsGiveaway for a chance to be entered to win free Mocsocs merchandise and probably along with it, a $25 gift card . All the best.

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