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Know Your Roots – Brought To You By MeetOrbit.com (@meetorbit) & @AsiriMagazine



ASIRI Magazine and MeetOrbit.com present the “Know Your Roots” initiative, a collection of cultural and historical stories about Nigeria’s fascinating past.

ASIRI – a Nigeria Cultural/Historical Art Brand announced the launch of the “Know Your Roots” initiative today. The “Know Your Roots” initiative is a collection of stories narrated by Bassey Ikpi, acclaimed international poet and writer. The narrations by Bassey promote the rich historical culture and values of the Nigerian people. These stories will feature events, personalities, places, and myths about Nigeria’s rich history. MeetOrbit.com will provide a live video stream for this event. You can also follow the event on Twitter and Instagram with #KnowYourRoots.

Bassey Ikpi

“The Know Your Roots initiative aims to inform and educate people of the cultural history, values, and legendary tales of great men and women who went through extraordinary lengths from the continent of Africa (Nigeria),” says Damola Ogundele, the Founder of ASIRI.

ASIRI Nigeria Cultural/Historical Art Brand brand comprises of an Online Magazine, Exhibitions, and Documentary/Short Films aimed at informing and educating people about the culture, heritage, myths, and the way of life of the great Nigerian people. Visit the website at http://www.asirimagazine.com for more information. Follow Asiri on Twitter at @AsiriMagazine, on Facebook and also on Instagram.

“People from all over the world can be part of this experience in real time using MeetOrbit.com’s unique video streaming platform,” says Adekunle Ayodele, Founder of MeetOrbit.com.

DataBox Technologies, LLC, creators of MeetOrbit.com, is a private information technology firm specializing in digital platforms and information technology services. The company strives to reinvent information technology solutions that help people and businesses leverage their collective greatness, and further their contributions to the progress of human lives. Learn more at DataBoxTech.com. Follow DataBox on Twitter at @databoxtech.

The series starts with Queen Mother Idia, the Hidden Oba of Benin Kingdom. MeetOrbit.com will host the live video stream on June 21st, at 4.00 PM Eastern Time. To be part of this event, please visit www.meetorbit.com/live.



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